Welfare & Empowerment Balochistan

Introduction of Welfare & Empowerment Board-WEB Baluchistan:
Welfare & Empowerment Board-WEB Baluchistan is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization which was founded by a group of social activists and volunteers. Males and Females from various spheres of life such as education, health and, Social Workers, Lawyers and women activists are the members of Board. WEB was registered under Social Welfare Ordinance of 1961 in FEB-2015.
WEB initially started its operation in District Bolan by establishing a Technical Training center in various trade i.e. Dress Making, Beautician, Computer Application, Electrician, Pluming in order trained the Youth girls & boys further make them economically empowered that later on they may be able to to sustain their lives for all social mobilization, capacity building and advocacy related activities for all communities. The Head office of the organization is currently in Quetta. WEB’s geographical area for intervention with communities is the entire province of Baluchistan , with focus on rural areas. Their important areas of interventions are Quetta, Jaffarabad, Naseerabad, Sibi, Ziarat ,Loralai, Kalasifullah.
Gender balanced governing body and experienced professionals are the strength of the organization that is committed with the vision of the organization. The organization believes that the Women Development is the key for sustainable development.
The organization has been involved in preparation of various kinds of projects in the fields of education, health awareness, legal and economic empowerment and capacity building. Board of Directors is the governing body of organization, which are involved in policy issues of the organization.

Carrier Counselling

Since WEB its self-claim to be custodian of TVET sector and take responsibility to trained the youth in various qualification. Besides providing technical training we do promise to make the youth employable. Similarly, we have senior and most experiences psychologist as well as social Development sector experts who take orientation and motivational session and guide the youth toward better and related jobs and profession.


Having experience of 8 years in Development Sector WEB has sufficient and remarkable staff to carry out any kind of consultancy in all over the Balochistan, since WEB is present in 15 District of Balochistan with excellent and education youth for outreach studies, survey, emergency mapping, Beside this WEB has completed too many surveys on drug addict, Child Birth Registration, MSW, FSW, Person with Disability, transgender with Government of Balochistan Social Welfare Department, CPDI, NED etc.

Linkages Development & Referral Mechanism

WEB believes in linages Development, that is how we the WEB are playing vital role to create a way forward among the organization, institutes with line Departments toward better provision of services or implementation of projects or program which is only focus on community development. Since WEB has huge chain of volunteers almost in all the line Department and they are proving such valuable and just awesome delivery of work and paying their best to develop the linkages accordingly.

Procurement/ Supplies

Since, WEB has its own sister institutes that posses enough experiences in procurement and purchasing General order suppliers and providing services in community as well as Government sector at large scale. Namely WEB enterprises and Consultancy is registered with FBR, BRA having GST & STARN certificates and tax payer certificate respectively. We the WEB have completed through WEB enterprises and Consultancy more than 50 million assignment i.e. purchasing of office Equipment, Furniture, Tools kits, Photo Copier, stationary etc, to the Government of Balochistan.


Likewise, WEB enterprises and Consultancy Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your professional services brand. As we help firms develop their brands, in this regard WEB has also agreement with various Digital Printing Machine owners to prepare or develop such as your logo, tagline and website Pana flex, Banners, Name Plates, making Shields, Graphics Designing etc.

RPL Services

Since, WEB is also registered with NAVTTC and also a regular partner of NAVTTC so WEB has organized too many time Recognized prior Learning Course

  • Sikandar Khan

  • Abdul Rauf

  • Sumera Mehboob

  • Hubdar Ali

  • Muhammad Nawaz

  • Nazia

  • Fatima Nangyal

  • Laiba Dawood

Vision: Ensuring the Equality and Quality of work

Mission: Provision of legal aid and Strengthened economic condition of vulnerable and marginalized, the women, children and minorities by awareness on legal, social political and economical rights, capacity building on economic empowerment and sensitization on human rights with more focus on Gender Sensitivity, equality and mainstreaming

  • Equality 
  • Neutrality
  •  Empowerment with credibility
  •  Empathy
  •  Transparency $ Accountability 
  • Creativity & Innovation

 Protection of HR/ GBV

Increasing awareness on basic human rights by organizing workshops with focus on UDHR, Rights as per Constitution of Pakistan, CRC, CEDAW and other treaties so that people claim their rights and raise voice again their rights violation.

 Health, Education and Technical Education

To provide basic health facilities to community, mothers and child healthcare, awareness on family planning, vaccination and health education to community. Ensuring Primary education, non formal education, technical education

 Economic Empowerment

Creating opportunities and supporting the marginalized for the economic empowerment and livelihood improvement

 Legal Aid, 5. Research, Advocacy & Lobbying

Education and awareness on legal rights, access to justice for marginalized, free legal aid To do advocacy on women rights, child rights, peasants rights, labors right, disaster people

 Democracy and Good Governance

Emergency Relief and Response


Gender Mainstreaming


Respect for Persons with Physical Limitations




Sustainable solutions


Disaster Preparedness & Disaster Risk Reduction with Response


Legal Awareness & Legal Aid to claim the rights through advocacy and policy lobbying


Economic Empowerment of Women for equality and social respect in society


3. Child Rights and Child Education to mend the upcoming youth for the future of society


Awareness Raising on Rights, Democracy, Social Peace and Social Harmony


Trainings & Capacity Building of all the stakeholders

General Electrician

Installs and repairs electrical wiring, systems, and fixtures in buildings. Installs conduits and pipes to house electrical wires and cables. Ensures piping complies with electrical codes. Installs circuit breakers and other electrical hardware and connects wiring to them.


Plumbers install and repair pipes and fixtures that carry water, gas, or other fluids in homes and businesses. They also maintain plumbing fixtures like bathtubs and toilets and appliances such as dishwashers or heating systems.



This was was the core program of WEB launched immediately after its inception in 2015. The program was basically focusing on imparting certain skills to women to enable them to shoulder the economic burden of their families. WEB intends to continue the support to women and home based workers. More than 300 women & men directly benefited from Prime Minster Youth skill development program through NAVTTC.



Health sector program focused mainly on three components pertaining to women’s reproductive health: A) Capacity Building of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) B) Adolescent Girls’ Counseling C) Awareness Raising on Health & Hygiene These all activities have been completed in district Bolan with support of social welfare department. More than 500 community members have been sensitized in this program


Support Electoral Democratic Process Program

In Pakistan women form more than 50% of the total population but their economic contribution has never been acknowledged while determining nation income. Women actively participate in agricultural production but their role in industry is not more than laborer as they are deprived of technical knowledge and skills. Similarly, in political leadership women’s representation is less up to negligible extent. 1n 1973’s Constitution, seats were reserved for women but were abolished in 1988 which ultimately discouraged the women from coming in the top political scene. Realizing the need for uplifting the women’s status, esp. political, its subordinate role, CEO along with its national level partners intends to train women, youth and girls throughout Baluchistan. A series of workshops in following areas have been conducted for 4 groups each year on annual basis: 1. Gender, Development 2. Law, State and Politics 3. Advocacy on Women in Politics (WiP) 4. Follow-Up Workshops 5. Interactive Theater The groups trained will be encouraged to initiate dialogues on Women issues, particularly their role in local bodies and politics, at community level. Seminars on the issue will be conducted at community levels and highly appreciating response will be observed.


Democracy & Human Rights Program

Restoration of democracy was a question mark for Pakistani civil society and the people. Juxtaposing people’s worries, the civil society was much more concerned about the sustainability of the democratic system. As a result of various provincial and nation level consultations, WEB participated in a joint venture that not only brought the politicians and the people to round table but also encouraged the disappointed masses to participate in forthcoming general elections in 2002. The program focused on following target groups: 1. Political Parties and Media (print electronic) 2. Women, Youth and Minorities 3. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Following activities were undertaken during one year: - Trainings of Media representatives at provincial & national levels. 40 media persons were trained. - Training of CSOs in mobilizing the communities for elections. They were also trained in polling process and election monitoring. - 8 Dialogues were held with media, CSOs & politicians at provincial levels. - 8 Dialogues were held at district level with politicians. - Trainings & performances of 4 interactive theater groups (8 performances. - 5 Provincial level seminars were organized.


Democratic Local Governance for Development in Pakistan

This Project with name of DLG is being implemented in District Bolan through Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI under the direct supervision of The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) with financial support of European Union’s funds. The Action aims of this project is to build capacity of CSOs and citizens to demand more efficient, transparent, inclusive and accountable local governance systems in Bolan. The following are the core activities Forming a District Interest Groups-DIGs Capacity building of DIGs Capacity building training of Media persons Conduct citizen report card survey Capacity building training of local authorities Capacity building training of line department i.e. Education, Health, PHE Bi-monthly meeting with DIGs & CSOs Quarterly inter-face meeting Press conference on Citizen report Card

Projects Implemented:

S #Project TitleDONORDurationBudget
1Prime Minster Youth skill Development Program Phase 1 Batch 1NAVTTC6 month 2016253100
2Prime Minster Youth skill Development Program Phase 1 Batch 2NAVTTC6 month 2017263100.00

Prime Minster Youth skill Development Program Phase II Batch 1NAVTTC6 month 20183871000

Prime Minster Youth skill Development Program Phase II Batch 2NAVTTC6 month 2018550000
3Child Birth Registration And CertificationLocal Govt Department12 month 201654000.00
4Community Base Awareness On  Women Rights & GbvSocial Welfare department6 month500000.00
5Democratic Local Governance for Development in Pakistan
CPDI-FNF4 year2000000.00

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Required Documents:

2 Set of All Education Documents, 5 copies of CNIC/B.Form & 5 passport Size Photos