Carrier Counselling

Since WEB its self-claim to be custodian of TVET sector and take responsibility to trained the youth in various qualification. Besides providing technical training we do promise to make the youth employable. Similarly, we have senior and most experiences psychologist as well as social Development sector experts who take orientation and motivational session and guide the youth toward better and related jobs and profession.


Having experience of 8 years in Development Sector WEB has sufficient and remarkable staff to carry out any kind of consultancy in all over the Balochistan, since WEB is present in 15 District of Balochistan with excellent and education youth for outreach studies, survey, emergency mapping, Beside this WEB has completed too many surveys on drug addict, Child Birth Registration, MSW, FSW, Person with Disability, transgender with Government of Balochistan Social Welfare Department, CPDI, NED etc.

Linkages Development & Referral Mechanism

WEB believes in linages Development, that is how we the WEB are playing vital role to create a way forward among the organization, institutes with line Departments toward better provision of services or implementation of projects or program which is only focus on community development. Since WEB has huge chain of volunteers almost in all the line Department and they are proving such valuable and just awesome delivery of work and paying their best to develop the linkages accordingly.

Procurement/ Supplies

Since, WEB has its own sister institutes that posses enough experiences in procurement and purchasing General order suppliers and providing services in community as well as Government sector at large scale. Namely WEB enterprises and Consultancy is registered with FBR, BRA having GST & STARN certificates and tax payer certificate respectively. We the WEB have completed through WEB enterprises and Consultancy more than 50 million assignment i.e. purchasing of office Equipment, Furniture, Tools kits, Photo Copier, stationary etc, to the Government of Balochistan.


Likewise, WEB enterprises and Consultancy Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your professional services brand. As we help firms develop their brands, in this regard WEB has also agreement with various Digital Printing Machine owners to prepare or develop such as your logo, tagline and website Pana flex, Banners, Name Plates, making Shields, Graphics Designing etc.

RPL Services

Since, WEB is also registered with NAVTTC and also a regular partner of NAVTTC so WEB has organized too many time Recognized prior Learning Course